Moustached Parakeet: Bird Species Profile

A stunning parrot, the moustached parakeet is named for its unique plumes above the beak that seems like a clean mustache. This bird creates a fantastic animal and has a wonderful, outbound individuality that bird aficionados enjoy. The moustached parakeet is actually a varieties to consider if you’re looking for a small parrot that could speak and branch on your shoulder.

Variety Overview
USUAL NAMES: Moustached parakeet, mustache parakeet, Java parakeet, red-breasted parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Psittacula alexandri

ADULT SIZE: thirteen to 15 ins

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 25 years with suitable care

Source as well as History

The moustached parakeet possesses significant variety in southeast Asia. It is native to China as well as the isles of Indonesia, where a number of subspecies live. Raging populaces are actually infecting several various other locations, featuring neighboring urban areas. Their shrinking organic habitat leads to groups to become metropolitan occupants.

In the untamed, this types usually tends to reside in mountains, hills, as well as woodlands and round up in flocks of up to 60 birds. This bird has a clearly deafening caution referring to as when risk approaches.


Moustached parakeets may make adorable household pets when hand-fed as little ones and also correctly interacted. They are energetic, social animals that enjoy to hang out participating in activities and spend time along with their proprietors.

Some managers of moustached parakeets report that their birds tend to behave bossy or clingy. They will certainly ask for a manager’s attention if they experience dismissed. Nonetheless, they do usually tend to be a lot more kicked back than the loud Indian ringneck parakeet.

Moustached parakeets carry out not have a tendency to appreciate a bunch of snuggling, though will definitely invite some stroking near the neck. It might warm to additional cuddling if managed often and delicately.

While moustached parakeets are extremely trainable and also highly intelligent, some owners report hostility concerns. This actions normally comes from inadequate socialization. Moustached parakeets often tend to opt for a favorite person as well as bond highly along with them while impersonating towards other people and dogs.

Like various other Asiatic species, they additionally undergo a time frame of assertive bluffing habits– biting and also territorial– in the course of their adolescence. As a result of this and their necessity for added interest, they might certainly not be actually the most ideal “newbie” bird types, though some birders differ in point of view.

Understood to become exceptional talkers (particularly the men), these birds will definitely compensate their proprietors with several years of funny company if effectively looked after.

Speech and also Vocalizations

While all parrots will definitely make a particular volume of sound, moustached parakeets are one of the quieter varieties in regards to screaming as well as screeching. Many managers report that the birds would certainly a lot instead speak or sound pleasingly than wail ear-piercing howls. For this reason, a moustached parakeet may be actually the ideal option for those that want a parrot however will prefer a quieter bird.

Moustached Parakeet Colors as well as Markings

Moustached parakeets present a rainbow of colors in their attractive tuft. Their airfoils and spines vary with great greenish and also yellow tones, as well as they have beautiful greenish-blue tail plumes. They possess powder-blue crowns along with symbolic “moustache” dark red stripes over and also listed below their beaks. Their rose-colored bust discolors right into a bluish-turquoise color on the legs and also bellies.

A dimorphic types, it is actually relatively simple to tell women and men apart. While the males have a brighter pink bosom, the easiest way to identify the sexuals is through taking a look at the beak. The males will definitely possess a bright orange higher jowl with a yellowish idea. Women possess a beak that is actually colors of black grey or maybe black. Both possess grey skin layer on their feets.

Some different colors mutations seem once in a while; birds might have extra blue or even blue-green in their plumage.

Taking care of a Moustached Parakeet

As household pet birds, moustached parakeets are certainly not as typical as some other types, though they are actually coming to be more well-known. They are actually commonly just readily available by means of specialty breeders.

At the minimum, this bird needs a small macaw cage– 3 feets by 2 feets by 3 feet. Two people should certainly not share a cage, as well as various sexes all together can easily additionally be actually a problem. Ladies usually tend to control men.

These birds pry and also are going to always would like to know what you’re carrying out. They are actually explorers. They might finish up in a component of your property you do not prefer them in if remaining neglected outside of their crate. It is actually best to have a post neighboring and take the bird back to it whenever it wanders off. This bird appreciates settling on shoulders as well as would like to belong to the action.

If you have an interest in a dog for the whole household, a moustached parakeet may certainly not be the very best choice– it’s additional a one-person dog. If you are actually a single person or otherwise plan to be the bird’s main carer, after that this bird could possibly really effectively be actually the very most faithful buddy you will definitely ever possess.

They usually tend to be actually a lot less finicky than various other birds regarding the types of fruits and veggies they are actually prepared to attempt. Seeds must be nourished in moderation to avoid weight problems, yet are actually a crucial source of healthy protein for your bird.

Fruits and veggies that you can easily supply feature watermelon, apple, cabbage, strawberries, carrots, kale environment-friendlies, and banana. Don’t feed avocado, as it could be harmful to these birds.

Physical exercise

Moustached parakeets are actually quite energetic birds, both in the wild and also in bondage. Provide this bird plenty of room to climb, sway, and also play each in and out of their cages.

Moustached parakeets need to get a minimum required of 4 hrs of closely watched play beyond their crates every day in a risk-free, “bird-proofed” place. Because of these needs, they may certainly not create the best pets for an individual who possesses very little bit of opportunity to socialize along with their dogs.

Toys are actually essential to maintaining this parakeet happy as well as out of difficulty. Make certain to give your bird a sizable cage along with plenty of ladders, swings, and also eat playthings. Any kind of toys constructed of hardwood, natural leather, or even grains are going to be actually much cherished and also deliver necessary excitement.

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Where to Adopt or even Buy a Moustached Parakeet

Connect with regional breeders and also check out along with their birds to obtain a taste of their individualities. This visit can provide you a much better concept of what it’s like to deal with a moustached parakeet. They may set you back from $250 to $1,000 from a breeder; examination creature shelters and also rescue companies, as well. On the internet resources can point you in the right path of dog breeders or even rescues:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Hookbills offer for sale
  • Adopt a Pet

If purchasing by means of a breeder, make certain you interview them, consider the standard wellness of their birds, look at their living circumstances as well as consult with past consumers. Signs you ought to prevent the dog breeder include cramped residing situations, less active birds, and also dog breeders who avoid your questions or do certainly not appear to possess a lot relevant information on their birds.

This bird creates a terrific animal and also has a sweet, outbound personality that bird enthusiasts delight in. In the crazy, this species usually tends to reside in mountain ranges, woodlands, and hillsides and also round up in flocks of up to 60 birds. Some proprietors of moustached parakeets report that their birds tend to take action bossy or desperate. For this main reason, a moustached parakeet may be actually the best selection for those who wish a parrot however would favor a quieter bird.

Connect with local area dog breeders as well as check out with their birds to receive a sense for their individualities.