Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet): Bird Species Profile

Quaker parrots (or monk parakeets) are actually understood for their enchanting, humorous individuals and their willingness to learn human speech. It is actually an outstanding choice for bird fans who want all the enjoyable of a large parrot in a much smaller bundle.

Species Overview
USUAL NAMES: Quaker parrot, Quaker parakeet, abbot parrot, priest parakeet, green parakeet, gray-breasted parakeet, Montevideo parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Myiopsitta monachus

GROWNUP SIZE: 12 inches coming from beak to rear, analyzing between 4 as well as 5 ounces

LIFE SPAN: twenty to 30 years in captivity, some also a lot longer

Source and History

Belonging to a small portion of South America, the Quaker parrot’s selection prolongs coming from core Bolivia and also southern Brazil right into component of central Argentina. They commonly live in the forests as well as are actually known for developing tough area connections.

They are the only parrot understood to create nests. These birds spend a lot of opportunity making intricate dwellings coming from divisions and also twigs. Their nests also possess multiple spaces. Groups of Quakers will commonly construct homes ideal close to each other to make Quaker communities. Some home communities may grow to the size of a portable cars and truck.

A robust bird, raging nests of Quakers additionally live in lots of metropolitan places throughout the planet. In some places, especially the southern U.S., wild Quaker populations pose a danger to plants and native bird species.


Quakes are actually really self-assured and social birds by nature. These birds are delightfully amusing; they’re like little clowns. They have the individual of sizable birds in a little bit of bird’s body. Bold as well as outgoing, they have a tendency to chatter a lot as well as are actually known for their remarkable talking potential. These little guys require just like much focus as larger parrots.

The moment you build a link along with a Quaker parrot, you’ll enjoy years of friendship. Most handfed Quakers are actually very soft and also may numerous bring in superb dogs for kids.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Many Quakers build a substantial lexicon and may also create numerous expressions. Imitating noises as well as vocal singing are actually some others talents of this little bit of charm. Quakes are little chatterboxes, specifically when you receive more than one bird in a space.

The loudness of this parrot is actually very subjective. Some managers say that it’s a quiet bird, while others believe they’re too raucous. They do not make raucous screams like various other parrots, however they will certainly shout from time to time. Their sound degree ought to certainly not trouble the next-door neighbors.

Quaker Parrot Colors as well as Markings

The traditional colours of a grown-up Quaker are a vivid green on the scalp, wings, and back. The bird’s very most specialty is actually the grey boob, cheeks, as well as neck. This pigmentation resembles Colonial-era Quaker apparel and is just how this bird got its title.

They possess stunning blue trip plumes and also a lighter eco-friendly cast on the underside of their rears. Their beaks are actually horn-colored and their feets are actually grey. Overall, they seem like a stalky cockatiel.

Imprisoned reproduction systems have actually also created an assortment of gorgeous shade mutations in Quakers. One of the most preferred mutations is actually a blue combination Quaker parrot built in the early 2000s. Breeders have additionally developed albino, cinnamon, lutino, as well as pied Quakers.

This bird is a monomorphic varieties, which implies the men and women appear exactly as well. The only method to recognize for sure the gender of your bird is through DNA sexing or even a medical sexing method.

Caring for a Quaker Parrot

Quakers are incredibly energetic birds and need to possess a sufficient quantity of area to participate in. Their cage needs to have to become a minimum required of 18 inches unbiased, though they’ll do also much better in a larger enclosure. Make certain it is actually toughly constructed. These birds not merely like to eat, but they are likewise popular for discovering exactly how to open the cage and running away.

Place a bowl with clean water inside the cage for a birdbath; this may deliver hours of home entertainment, workout, and also mental stimulation.

Quakers can acquire aggressive if they feel their house is endangered. Due to the fact that they perform take pride in their house, they can easily become possessive over their crate. If you are actually introducing another Quaker to the one you actually possess, allow both to receive accustomed in distinct cages as well as form a bond initially. Typically, the some others bird will certainly look like a trespasser. They will fight as well as even get rid of to defend their residence.

You will certainly likewise want to maintain an eye on your Quaker if you possess a canine or even cat. They may be rather fearless and try to handle even the largest canines.

Common Health Problems

The most popular health and wellness concerns along with Quaker parrots are actually feather plucking and also fatty liver illness. For the most part, you can easily steer clear of feather tweezing ff your birds receive sufficient workout and also social communication along with you. Self-mutilation is an usual, though unhealthful, way that parrots take care of dullness and dread. Quakers are relatively easy to fix up reviewed to other parrots.

Fatty liver condition is actually usually brought on by eating high-fat foods, such as consuming a seed-based diet regimen. A well-thought-out, varied diet regimen– with seeds simply offered as occasional deals with– can easily help keep your bird well-balanced.

Diet and also Nutrition

Quakers are recognized to be outstanding eaters and their diet regimen must consist of the almonds, fruits, as well as vegetables they typically consume in bush.

As a captive bird, their primary diet plan thing need to be actually a high quality, commercial produced pellet mix. Supply a wide array of clean vegetables and fruits, leafy eco-friendlies, nuts, and also well-balanced table food items. Root vegetables, peppers, as well as multicolored produce are crucial in their diet regimens.

Nourish these birds concerning 3 tbsps of pellets each day and also provide at the very least a 1/4 mug of new fruits and vegetables in the morning. Throw away the new meals that are not eaten by the end of the time. You may use a second feeding of vegetables and fruits a couple of hrs before bed.

Some Quakers usually tend to end up being obese if allowed to enjoy way too many fattening almonds as well as seed treats like sunflower seeds, peanuts, as well as millet.

Similar to all family pet birds, new water needs to constantly be offered. Certainly never offer meals that are actually hazardous to birds like coffee, dark chocolate, and also avocado.


Supply your Quaker along with lots of playthings and also an action health club as a spot to burn their electricity and also play. Quaker parrots require at least two hrs of outside-of-the-cage attend a bird-safe area. Close windows and doors, shut off roof fans, obstruct fire places, as well as get rid of likely toxic plants and various other dogs coming from the space.

Balls, alarms, as well as much smaller eat playthings will interact and also intrigue your bird. These fantastic birds are going to typically have a good time along with puzzle playthings.

Enable Quaker parrots to exercise their nest-building instinct. Your bird may make an effort to interweave traits right into the bars of its own cage or even may select to start nesting behind-the-scenes of your residence making use of random things it locates. Make certain you monitor these curious birds while they’re out of the crate.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Quaker Parrot

Contact the U.S. Fish and also Wildlife Service as well as your nearby legislations to make certain that it is legal to maintain a Quaker parrot. Because a lot of Quaker parrots can easily shed their residences for an assortment of factors as well as are offered for adopting, contact your nearest bird adoption and also education and learning foundation if you want getting one.

On average, dog breeders market Quaker parrots coming from $300 to $1,000. Internet saves, adopting associations, and also breeders where you can easily discover Quaker parrots feature:

  • Use a Pet
  • Birds Now
  • Bird Breeders

Search for a bird that is intense, sharp, and also active. Make sure the dog breeder is actually knowledgeable regarding their birds and is forthcoming concerning their reproducing process and also the origin of their birds.

Quake parrots (or even monk parakeets) are recognized for their charming, absurd personalities as well as their desire to discover individual speech. Quakes are social as well as very confident birds by nature. Quakes are actually little bit of chatterboxes, specifically when you obtain additional than one bird in a room.

One of the most popular mutations is a blue combination Quaker parrot cultivated in the early 2000s. Quakers are actually extremely energetic birds and need to possess an ample quantity of space to play.